Auto Dealer Solutions

Doing business in today’s ever changing web based marketing world requires more than a cookie cutter solution to Dealership Customer Acquisition efforts. Entrusting your dealership’s future to generic web solution, inexperienced staff or to a stroke of luck is no way to do business.

Dealerships have to do more with less.

Let’s assume you dealership has jumped in head first into Internet Focused marketing and you are having mixed results. Of course things could be much better. Do you have a dealership website, social media plan, dealership focused blog, local traffic blog or PPC Campaigns currently running? More importantly, are you satisfied with the results, or, do you believe your efforts could get a higher (ROI) Return on Investment? Well, the answer to that question is almost always “Yes”!

That’s where lotBOT comes in. lotBOT has been providing custom tailored web solutions to dealerships for over 11 years now.

Well, I have never heard about lotBOT.

Great, that’s the way we like to keep it

You will not see us at Dealer Conferences, NADA, or any other 3rd party promotion gathering.

lotBOT is about you and only you. We thrive by word of mouth, the success of your website and the quality of our work. We are an old company with New Ideas and the inside knowledge to bring success to every dealership we work with. We do not sell pre-made solutions or one size fits all service packages. We take pride in providing a personal touch to all our customers and would love the opportunity to show you how lotBOT take can your Auto Dealership to the next level.