PPC Campaigns

Why wait for Google, Bing and Yahoo to include your dealership’s website in search results when you can pay to have targeted traffic delivered to any chosen portion of your site? In the past couple of years, many manufacturers are forcing dealerships to abandon their current 3rd Party Dealer Website Providers and use a provider of the manufacturer’s choice. However, there are negative implications to this and sometimes, depending on the supplied vendor, nothing you can do about the organic traffic losses.

But we have great news. Auto Dealer PPC Campaigns are the great equalizer.

Unlike like organic search results, PPC Campaigns enable you to attract better qualified traffic and send that traffic to higher converting portions of your website. PPC Campaigns enable your to target your customers by demographic, location and desired dealership service or product. Let’s say your dealership is having a promotion on Heavy Duty Work Trucks that is active for a month. By the time the search engines include the page assigned to that promotion, the sale might already be over. But a targeted Auto Dealer PPC Campaign will completely nulify this situation and in fact deliver better qualifying leads with targeted advertisements, calls to action and pages that are specifically about that campaign.

PPC is affordable and more importantly, PPC Campaigns Work!

Whether your a one store family owned dealership or a 10 brand Highway Dealer Group, lotBOT’s Auto Dealer PPC Campaign Management Services are a great solution. Our dedicated staff will create custom campaigns based on the dealerships needs, current promotions and future plans.

In today’s economy, dealerships are closing their doors at a rapid pace and many times it’s because they failed to change their marketing methods and were simply out performed by their competitors. Don’t let your dealership fall behind in the rapidly changing internet based marketing world, your staff and customers are depending on you.

lotBOT can show you how PPC Campaigns are the most affordable paid method of connecting car buyer needs with your auto dealerships vehicles and services.

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