Reputation Management

As the internet grows and continues to be larger part of all our lives, the methods customers use to connect to businesses are having a larger impact on dealerships around the country. Nothing is worse than looking for a dealership online and discovering that they have multiple negative reviews from sites around the web.

We are certainly aware that there are dealer rating sites across the web and also, many third party providers like are offering their own version of Reviews/Ratings for dealerships. That’s all fine, but the simple fact of the matter is search engines are not dumb, they know what sites dealers have paid to appear on and are well aware of each sites commercial interest in their reviews.

Your dealership may appear on hundreds of websites offering reviews and quite possibly, the reviews about your dealership may be negative. Perhaps your competitors, their staff and third party providers are the ones posting these negative reviews.

Do your know what to do about Negative Reviews?

That’s where lotBOT comes in. lotBOT has a full time staff who’s sole job is to monitor, gauge and respond to Good and Bad Press about your dealership. We know what to do for each negative review we encounter about your dealership and have the experience to capitalize on such reviews. We know how to take a negative and turn it into a positive.

Stop Allowing Competitors and 3rd party websites dictate your dealership’s success.

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